Harness the Power of Our AI-Powered Conversational Platform

In today's digital economy, ongoing conversations with customers and citizens are becoming a mandate. Your brand is available on multiple online and mobile channels. Your customer needs to connect with you anytime, anywhere. They expect you to immediately listen and promptly respond, be it receiving an answer to a question, submitting a complaint or buying a product/service.

Globby: AI-Powered Live Chat & Chatbot Solution on Azure

Globby is an integrated AI-powered live chat and Chatbot platform that allows your business to chat with customers in real time using human agents and an AI-driven chatbot. It helps you create intelligent conversational experiences on your website, mobile, and social media channels. Readily available in English and Arabic, Globby enables you to boost customer service levels and amplify sales volume.


Enjoy a set of built-in, easy-to-use features to engage your online visitors. Use your own business-branded chat box to talk with your customers on the web, mobile or social media platforms.

Real-Time Chat

Entice your visitors to connect with your brand through a single click anytime and anywhere. Engage them on the spot using fully integrated live chat and chatbot experiences.

Instant & Full Business View

Immediately know what your visitors are thinking of your brand, and what issues they might be facing. Monitor everything, address feedback and resolve bottlenecks.

Technology Integration

Transform customer chats into a lead capturing and nurturing tool when integrated with Dynamics 365 CRM, Microsoft Teams and other third-party solutions.



Customer Engagement Technology – ChatBot

It is really very important to make sure that your online chat is available 24x7. This can be achieved only if you have a Chat-Bot in place. Counting on AI (Artificial Intelligence) features, you can enhance customer experience and help increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Chat.


Customer Engagement Technology – Online Chat

If you are planning to grow your business and increase customer engagement, its time to utilize technology in the best way possible! The primary challenge is to attract your customers and interact with them effectively. Pushing your online customers to be more engaged would probably increase conversion rates and increase your sales accordingly. You have to ask yourself, is my online portal engaging?




Moussalam Dalati

General Manager, Middle East @Liferay Partner

We are excited to partner with Link Development to support our customers in delivering digital experience solutions built on Liferay.

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Malek Fawaz

Minister Advisor for Investment Promotion & Digital Transformation, MIIC Customer

With the continuous help of key digital players such as Link Development, we are progressing in an aggressive digital roadmap

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