Elevate Sports Leagues With Advanced Management Software

The sports community is leading an intense digital movement towards online engagements with favorite sports and athletics heroes on web, mobile and social. We help sport federations, associations, ministries and private clubs to fuel year-round engagement with sport fans, members, athletes, broadcasters, teams. We provide new tools and ways to virtually capture the immediate interest of fans and turn them into lifelong advocates.

Automate the Experience: Interactive, Engaging and Fun!

Digitalize internal operations and service delivery models. Enable online registrations, subscriptions, merchandize purchases and games to expand revenue-generation arms. Build ongoing, two-way relationships with customers, listen to fan-voice and boost popularity of the sport.

Redefine Relationship with Fans

Create 360 view of fans, and use intelligent analytics to better understand behaviors, segment fan-base, listen to and communicate with club members online and on social.

Provide eServices on Web & Mobile

Enable fans to register and renew memberships in clubs. Sell merchandize online. Enable secure e-payments, QR code entry and more.

Plan Mega Events & Sponsorships

Easily create and manage online and physical events with sponsorships, ticketing and attendance using a Dynamics365-Based Event Management platform.

Build Personalized Portal, Apps & Games

Strengthen online presence with personalized portals, native apps, and specialized, interactive games to engage and tighten relationships of fans with their favorite sports.



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