Powerful Digital Products: Embracing the Software Revolution

Automate different business functions in your organization with our digital products. Use them on cloud, on premises or using a hybrid model. Touch the tangible impact of our software products in injecting efficiency, adaptiveness and productivity in the way business and operations are conducted.

CountBig - Census

Digitalize end-to-end census runs.

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Plan, organize and execute events with Dynamics 365.

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Create an AI-driven conversational experiences with a live chat & chatbot solution on cloud. Make customers happy, satisfied and loyal. Improve brand presence, customer services and business performance.

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Migrate from SharePoint to Sitecore with ease, accuracy and speed.

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Manage meeting rooms reservations with Power Platform.

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Automate, manage and control your project portfolios with ease!

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Make the process of selling Real-Estate profitable with D365 and Power Platform

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ServeBig Appointments

Automate appointment booking and queue management.

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ServeBig Automation

Build eServices quickly with Azure and Power Platform.

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ServeBig Inspections

Automate inspection management processes.

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ServeBig Suite

Jumpstart, grow and scale a full automation of your business.

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Build, automate and accelerate eServices with D365 & Power Platform.

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Automate strategy planning, execution and control.

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Build a people-focused intranet.

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Control, secure and manage customer visits with Power Platform.

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