Streamline Services With eServices Automation Software

Automate hundreds of services in the shortest time possible with easy-to-use, low-code tech. Change and adapt your business and eServices immediately to respond to market dynamics.

Shift Immediately into eServices Delivery

For more agility and responsiveness to customer demands.

Cost Reduction

Build high quality services at lower costs. Deploy an engine to clone and update services to further minimize costs.

Operational Efficiency

Use standardized business process flow templates that cover different functions and business areas. Use AI and RPA to track cloning progress and easily update and extend newly generated services. 

Speed of Delivery

No need to reinvent the wheel. Easily clone similar services to drastically reduce service implementation time.

Easy to Configure & Use

Easily create and extend services while managing all steps of service fulfillment processes.

Smart Devices Access

Use ServeStream from anywhere and at any time using smart mobile or tablet devices.

On-Prem & On-Cloud

Run it on Power Platform or Dynamics 365. Or use the mix that best meets your business needs.

Start with ServeStream Today!

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