Empower Your Workforce With Self-Service Intranet Solution

Transform your workplace into a community that thrives on collaboration, engagement and productivity. Craft an organizational culture that realizes people’s need for social connections, sharing and belonging.

Create a Remote Home for the Workforce

For more productive, collaborative and engaging experiences

Build a People-Focused Intranet

Establish a modern hub for the organization to apply best people management practices.

Foster Internal Collaboration

Build a digital platform that promotes a culture of collaboration and productivity.

Connect Teams

Create an online space for the workforce to gather, communicate and digitally grow their relationship together and with the company.

Unify Communications

Have all teams communicating via a single, unified online space on 24*7 basis.

What’s New?

TeamBeats on Liferay

TeamBeasts is now available on the flagship Open-Source digital experience platform: Liferay.

TeamBeats on Office 365

Refreshed features and skins that work both on-cloud and on-premises.

TeamBeats on AWS

Run the Liferay based TeamBeats on AWS Cloud for immaculate employee experiences.

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