Maximize ROI With Smart Property Management Software and Real Estate CRM

Digital provides unlimited sales, marketing and customer service potentials in the hands of real-estate developers. We help you put visual selling tools at the disposal of sales team, enable intelligent management of contractual and financial obligations, enhance the quality of life for communities in compounds and more.

SellBig: Broaden Residential and Business Customer Base

SellBig, our real-estate automation platform, helps you to build 360-degree view of customers, visualize and sell properties on interactive maps, sell across multiple sites in real-time, streamline complex financials, provide excellent customer care and marketing programs plus monitoring sales performance on dashboards.

Automate Sales Processes

Capture, qualify and nurture leads. Track & manage sales pipeline, activities & opportunities. Forecast future sales performance.

Sell Property on Maps

Use interactive maps with color-coded pins, intelligent filtering by floor, availability, and more. Enable multiple user selling & reflect unit sales on maps in real-time.

Customize Contracts & Installments

Intelligently manage payment terms & intervals for leasing & selling contracts management. Manage payment installments & due dates with automatic reminders & alerts.

Enhance Community Life in Compounds

Provide apps for inspectors and field workers to proactively maintain compounds. Enable residents to communicate and report cases or complaints to management.



Products & Platforms

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