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Empower your sales processes and salespeople with powerful AI-driven selling tools to amplify customer conversions and sell more properties.

Automate the Real-Estate Ecosystem

To sell better, sell more and make customers happy

Smart Deal Automation

Drive smart sales with inside-out automation of financials, billing, contracts & installments processes.

Regulated Discounts & Exceptions

Make life easier for seller and buyer. Set intelligent boundaries for easy handling of payments exceptions, extras, discounts, refunds and cancellations.

Visual Selling

Enable sales people to visually show, book and sell unites using 2D and 3D maps on mobile and web.

Intelligent Commissions

Calculate and track the commissions of every sales person to reward top performers.

Graphical Representation for Inventory

Use intuitive graphical representations for master plans to have a full view on projects at hand.

Fast Leads Capturing

Easily capture interest during events and enter lead information efficiently on-the-go.

Multichannel Sales

Sell properties in a seamless experience from web, mobile and tablet.

Real Estate Copilot

Empower your salespeople with powerful AI-driven selling tools, including Copilot for Sales, to benefit from guided assistance in answering questions in natural language about units' availability, deals summaries, pipeline insights, and more. 

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