Automate Your Inspections, and Improve Quality Significantly

Automate inspections and code enforcement processes. Plan, implement and control end-to-end inspections. Help inspectors do their job better, enable fair evaluation processes and ensure integrity of collected data.

Shift into Automated Inspections

For more confidence in the fairness and speed of the process

Easy planning

Easy Planning

Schedule audits and dispatching of inspectors manually or automatically.

In-Field Inspections

Use tablet apps to capture in-field data including images, videos as evidence of non-compliance.

Approval Workflows

Create dynamic and easily configured approval workflows to save time and facilitate team communications.

Violations and Appeals

Apply violation penalties on non-complying bodies. Empower them to issue appeals.


Integrate seamlessly with payment and SMS gateways in addition to Microsoft Outlook and others.

Reports & Dashboards

Analyze data visually and monitor inspectors throughout the inspection journey.

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