Schedule Meetings Effortlessly With Our Advanced System

Quickly transform the whole process of meeting room reservation and management towards an optimized, efficient AI-driven experience for all stakeholders in the workplace.

Simplify the Meetings Experience

For a more productive workforce and a more efficient workplace.

Find the Best Fit Room

Search for the most suitable meeting room with a specific search criteria such as date and time, capacity, and facilities.

Schedule Meetings

Visualize meeting rooms and facilities availability. Reserve a meeting room directly from the schedule board.

Manage Meetings

Manage meeting attendees, agenda, action items and MOMs. Also, distribute meeting outcomes among attendees and interested parties.

Assign Meeting Rooms

Create a separate profile for each meeting room with all its details such as capacity, working calendar and related facilities. The system will match requirements and assign the right room.

Book Meeting Facilities

Reserve the required facilities and tools for each meeting such as white board, projector, loud speaker and any other facility that you define in the system.

Satisfy Stakeholders

Ensure that organizers and attendees have the necessary accommodation for important meetings.

Optimize Resource Utilization

Enable office managers to maintain an accurate, up-to-date view of how the company's resources are utilized.

Collaborative Online Meetings

Sync users’ Outlook calendars with booked events & seamlessly integrate with MS Teams for online meeting calls and analytics for seamless meeting experiences. 

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