Transform Apps: Cloud Application Modernization Services

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide essential support in modernizing applications and delivering advanced application modernization services. By strategically integrating advanced AI capabilities, we can transform how we modernize applications, as well as how our customers operate them. Our assisted AI development helps our developers produce state-of-the-art, reliable software. Additionally, we utilize AI-driven integration tools to aid in mapping and classifications. Ultimately by utilizing AI and ML, our customers can optimize operational costs and enhance application security.

Towards Impactful Solutions for App Modernization

Our experts provide modernization-strategy consultancy to evaluate and determine the need to revamp, replace, or retire enterprise systems and build a roadmap for the future, offering comprehensive application modernization solutions. The move continues with rebuilding and migrating applications into Azure, integrating upgrades of related infrastructure, data, and configurations, and gaining the benefit of DevOps continuous integration and deployment methodologies.

Apps Modernization Approach & Implementation

We provide an intelligent evaluation and modernization of legacy apps and systems utilizing the full capabilities of Azure in terms of platform, infrastructure, architecture, hosting, business, and technical functionalities. We ensure that pillars of interpretability, integration, security, scalability, high performance, and data-driven intelligence are built into our modernization engagements. 


Moving current applications from on-premises infrastructure to Azure with little changes as much as possible.


Recraft existing applications by applying new technologies and new architecture that adapts to new technologies and trends.


Convert existing applications to a modernized platform based on cloud-native development to reduce on-premises implementation risks, increase simplicity in workload management capabilities, and integrate with AI, BI, and process automation features.


Implement centralized security policies and apply them to networks, firewalls, and seamless connectivity between solution components utilizing cloud services as needed.


Adhere to modern solution development, deployment, and integration methodologies using DevOps capabilities and deploy as Containers, PaaS, or IaaS.

Change Management

Establish change management needed for an efficient and effective cloud transformation.

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