Putting Patients First: Digital Healthcare Solutions

Automate and integrate your portfolio of medical services and data, deliver personalized care, empower care teams and improve operational outcomes.

Drive Excellent Patient Care

For happier and healthier communities

Unified & Secured Patient Data

Integrate patient data across multiple systems. Establish a unified, secured 360-degree view of patients and their personal medical records.

Modernized Care Services

Roll-out and scale e-services on cloud and on prem. Provide secure eAppointments, eLicenses, ePermits, ePrescriptions, eRefills, eVaccinations, ePayments, eComplaints and more.

Fast-to-Implement Platform

Accelerate healthcare process automation and medical e-service delivery with low code and no code technologies.

Empowered Care Teams

Help your community of doctors, clinicians and medical staff to share knowledge, connect and collaborate with ease for professional and social purposes.

Smart Wearable Connectivity

Directly integrate with wearable and smart medical devices. Open a room for remote monitoring and provisioning of proactive care to anyone around-the-clock.

Strong Telemedicine Practices

Establish remote patient and clinician contact, care, advice, reminders, more. Provide audio/video experiences for telehealth visits to enable remote, face-to-face care.

Intelligent Chatbot Conversations

Unload the burden on call centers. Use AI-based chatbot as your first-line guide and assistant to answer all patient's questions and point them to the right direction.

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