Data Management Solutions: Uncover Hidden Insights and Drive Growth

Transform into an adaptive, resilient organization that grows quickly, even in times of uncertainty. Data and analytics are the most important currencies in the digital world. Data Management solutions utilize proven technologies to modernize data, deliver AI capabilities at scale, and infuse data into your day-to-day business and strategic decisions.

Data Quality

Improve your data quality on your data platform with our data quality management tools. Get a complete view of your data and make better business decisions.

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Machine Learning and AI

Accelerate business growth with Azure Machine Learning Service. Leverage the power of AI and predictive analysis for data-driven insights.

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Advanced Visualization

Transform your data into actionable insights with our advanced visualization solutions. Experience interactive data visualization like never before.

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Customer Insights

Empower Your Business with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Data. Unify customer data, build actionable measures, create targeted segments, and drive AI-powered customer-centric strategies.

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Empower Your Data-Driven Organization: Beat Uncertainty with Insights

Link Development helps companies and entities transform into data-driven organizations through a wide portfolio of data management solutions, including data analysis and business intelligence solutions and products. Its goal is to help top executives become on top of their game and make critical decisions in the most challenging times with full confidence based on digitally reviewed facts.

Unify Data

Extract and assemble your data from different sources, make it all speak the same language in secure way.

Validate Data

Utilize our framework for data quality to ensure the accuracy and consistency of your data.

Understand Data

Figure out what you’re data is trying to tell you about your business and monetize it.

Visualize Data

Gain deeper insights into their data via our powerful data visualization and reporting solutions.

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Moussalam Dalati

General Manager, Middle East @Liferay Partner

We are excited to partner with Link Development to support our customers in delivering digital experience solutions built on Liferay.

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Malek Fawaz

Minister Advisor for Investment Promotion & Digital Transformation, MIIC Customer

With the continuous help of key digital players such as Link Development, we are progressing in an aggressive digital roadmap

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