Strategy360: Automated Strategy Management for Growth Acceleration - Webinar

Saturday, Sep 26, 2020
Microsoft Teams
28th of September 2020

Link Development is holding its webinar: "Strategy360: Automated Strategy Management for Growth Acceleration” on Monday 28th of September 2020 starting 11:00 AM Egypt, 12:00 PM KSA & Kuwait, and 1:00 PM UAE, for one hour using Microsoft Teams.

A a leader in driving your business strategy, Link Development digital strategy and performance experts will help you take a critical decision: to transition from manual and semi-digital strategy documents, plans and processes into full automated strategy management practices and processes.

Join us to find out how technology can transform your business strategies into excellent realities. Explore the tremendous results you can achieve using intelligent strategy design, execution, and control tools that meet your business needs and digital environment mandates (whether on cloud or on-prem).

Why attend?

As an SMO (Strategy Management Office), VRO (Vision Realization Office) or a Digital Transformation leader, this webinar is an opportunity for you to find out how Strategy360 can help you:

  1. Achieve a broad digital transformation outlook on all levels of your organization.
  2. Realize the positive impact of full automation on your business outcomes and processes.
  3. Visually navigate your entirely digitalized strategic management process. 
  4. Automatically manage initiatives/KPIs and monitor progress in one integrated scenario.
  5. Integrate strategy management with other risk management, ERP and EPM/PPM solutions such as Project360.


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