Census Software: Powerful Insights for Informed Decisions

Design, collect, and analyze data using census software that matters to establish a digital baseline of trusted information and use it for better planning of future policies, strategies, plans, and mega projects.

Efficient End-to-End Census Digitalization

Turn complex census processes & operations into easily managed projects.

Survey Design

Create and roll out surveys at any time. Choose from endless types of questions. Organize your questions into multiple forms and question groups.

Reports & Dashboards

Track the progress of data collection. Visually analyze the answers of survey respondents.

Technology Integrations

Integrate with other systems and databases to import samples in addition to previously collected data.

Approval Workflow

Ensure the validity of collected data by applying approval cycles. Supervisors can review collected data for approval or rejection.

Management Portal

Access all administrative activities from any computer using CountBig - Census Administrative Web Application Platform that works on any web browser.

Data Collection

Answer surveys and collect data using any tablet device even in areas where internet connection is unavailable.

What’s New in the Census Software

SDMX Implementation

CountBig - Census software has applied the SDMX standards to facilitate the exchange of statistical data and metadata among organizations.

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