Business Continuity: The Digital Must-Haves for Healthcare Organizations - Webinar

Monday, Jun 22, 2020
Microsoft Teams
24th of June 2020

Link Development is conducting its webinar: "Business Continuity: The Digital Must-Haves for Healthcare Organizations” on Wednesday 24th of June 2020 starting 11:00 AM Egypt, 12:00 PM KSA – 1:00 PM UAE and for one hour and a half using Microsoft Teams.

Link Development speakers will be discussing digital solutions for the uncertainties currently affecting the healthcare industry allover the globe, where remote employee work, and workforce communications, pateitent Telemedicine, AI chat services and virtual desktop productivity are here to stay for the foreseen future.

Why attend?

Learn about the “The Digital Must-Haves” to overcome COVID-19 business interruption and explore how to transform into a high-functioning organization that is digitally open even in times of distress. Discover how to:

  1. Enable remote and secure workforce audio/videoconferencing and collaboration in just a few days with Microsoft Teams. 
  2. Provide online patient care and Telemeidcine services using live chat & intelligent chatbots with Bubbles, an intelligent chat assistant and customize the experience
  3. Enable remote and secure employee access to and usage of Office 365 business apps on Windows 10 across multiple devices on cloud with a new Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) experience.


Registration for the webinar is closed.

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