Helping Public Schools Go Digital: Link Development, Microsoft, and Link Data Center

Monday, Oct 31, 2016

Achieving a huge leap terms of raising the quality index of public schools

Cairo, Egypt, Monday 31st of October 31, 2016: Link Development announced that the Egyptian Ministry of Education is holding today the formal launch of its developed Public Schools Portal.

Using open source technology solutions and hosted on Azure cloud, this portal is developed by Link Development, the global technology solutions provider, in collaboration with Microsoft, and is managed by Link Data Center. This project aims to achieve a huge leap terms of raising the quality index of schools through easy and fast presence online and opening new communication channels with students and parents.

The Ministry of Education held an official event today to announce the pivotal strides the ministry has undertaken to support the digital transformation of the public schools and the entire educational process including the ability to be digitally present on the Internet through the creation of websites for each and every school.

The website of each school gives the ability to publish news, classes and schedules of all stages, photos and videos in addition to leadership boards for distinguished students. All website visitors are able to contact the school and find its location on the map, in addition to more features.

The portal is ideal solution amidst the current economy conditions due to the lower development and maintenance cost of cloud computing solutions when coupled with open source solutions. It also allows all schools to quickly and easily create their websites and communicate with digitally-minded students in this digital age.

Link Development in partnership with Microsoft Egypt has developed the portal, and Link Data Center is managing the hosting and administration to ensure the continuous availability and efficiency of the portal year round.

It is also worth noting that Link Development and Microsoft have been in a partnership for more than 20 years, and LINK Development was awarded the 2016 Microsoft Egypt Partner of the Year award and was also named a finalist in the Open Source on Azure award.

Amin Azab, Chief Executive Officer, LINK Development, said: "We are always proud to work with the Egyptian Government and its Ministries. We are pleased to be a catalyst for the implementation the government's plan for digital growth using Microsoft technologies, and our project in the field of Education comes as an essential step in improving the quality index of both public schools and education in Egypt at a low cost. The strategic importance of the public schools' web-portal is its ability to act as a bridge connecting the public schools with the digital language that all of today's students speak."

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