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Maximize Benefits of Low/No Code Technologies

Utilize an intelligent, custom-developed connector built by expert Dynamics 365 and CRM engineers. Seamlessly create a bridge that links your On-Premise Microsoft Dynamics CE environment with the capacities of Power Platform technologies (Power Apps – Canvas Apps and Power Automate) enabling you to fully utilize the full benefits of low code/no code technologies.

Connect to the Privileges of PowerApps

Boost the capabilities of your Microsoft Dynamics environment. Use our in-house developed On-Premises Connector to extract and use key benefits in Microsoft Power Platform and Canvas Apps.

Simple and Easy-to-Use

The connector uses the same configuration screen of Microsoft connectors, making it very easy-to-configure.

Active Directory Authentication

Authenticates the on-premise environment through the connector using active directory’s credentials.

Security Model Adherence

The connector respects Microsoft Dynamics CE security model on performing actions/triggers.

Cashing Mechanism

The connector has a built-in cashing mechanism that enhances performance of configurations when loading necessary metadata.

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