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Move your Datacenter to Azure

Cloud migration is a pillar. Datacenter transformation gives your a fresh start on the cloud. We help you reap the full rewards of the cloud with comprehensive a datacenter transformation solution. We apply time-tested methodologies built on lessons learned, best practices and success stories. Get ready for faster performance in a tightly integrated, secure modern space. a quick migration by global experts using a state-of-the art innovation platform.

Accelerate, Integrate & Modernize

It’s an end-to-end transformation. We handle all phases of delivery, from strategy and planning to implementation and execution. This includes developing a business case, managing procurement, building out the datacenter, and measuring business results. Our experts collaborate with you – applying our state-of-the-art tools and accelerators – to help you rapidly and effectively achieve your goals.

Datacenter Transformation Pillars on Azure

Leverage the “What” and the “How”

We are your single source for an end-to-end transformation solution. We provide expert advice and assistance to achieve your transformation goals. And, we can manage and execute your transformation strategy.

Engage with Expert, Collaborative Teams

We channel the expertise of thousands of global professionals and leading technology partners, equipping you with the right tools at the right time. Our proven approach helps you plan effectively, while overcoming resistance to change.

Utilize a State-of-the-Art Innovation Platform

Our Applied Innovation Exchange is a global platform that enables you to discover, experiment with, contextualize, and apply the most relevant innovations for your industry and your unique needs.

Microsoft Service Impact on Datacenter Transformation


Microsoft Services speeds up acquiring reliable adoption of private cloud capabilities in customer datacenters.


Microsoft Services is able to help customers integrate cost models and charge-back units to their customers’ private cloud solutions, enabling better monitoring of resource utilization and associated costs.


Microsoft Services brings customer datacenters cutting-edge technology and enables the development of an elastic, scalable resource pool that offers monitored usage and secure access.

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