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Modernize Appointment Booking

ServeBig Appointments is a fast-to-implement framework that transforms appointment booking into a streamlined business process with smart resource scheduling and utilization.

Reshape the Experience

Create positive customer experiences with efficient online booking, updates and cancellations. Make physical and virtual encounters productive by securing needed appointment resources, providing automated check-ins and reducing waiting time.

Self-Services Portal

Build a customer portal on web and mobile using the customer's preferred language. Enable customers to book online.

Customer Registration

Verify customer registration through email, Facebook or Google. Send customers secure login instructions to securely use their credentials to book appointments.

Service Catalogue & Service Card

Create a dynamic service catalogue. Enable customers to filter and search for the services they need. Put the e-service information in a card with all its details.

Multichannel Booking

Empower customers to book appointments online 24/7 from a self-services portal, mobile app, call center or an intelligent chatbot.


Consolidate booked appointments in a unified workspace. Customer can access workspaces from the self-services portal.

Smart Appointments

Empower customers to confirm, reschedule or cancel appointments. Reflect changes immediately on a master booking calendar.


Empower customers and employees to access their workspaces to submit booking and manage their profiles on-the-go via a mobile app.

Digital Check-Ins

Enable customers to view their order in queue to manage expectations. Reduce waiting time through QR code scanning.


Choose one of ServeBig Appointments secure deployment options: on-premise or on cloud, in accordance with your digital needs and tech mandates.

Reports and Dashboards

Gain insights about performance progress through a number of reports and dashboards for better decision making.

Make the Best of Business Resources

Optimize the utilization of resources organization-wide to save costs. Craft operational efficiency by ensuring the right resource is used in the right time, at the right place and in the correct way.

Categorize and Manage Resources

Classify all the resources like employees, equipment, vehicles and others. Specify which resources are required for booking each service.

Specify Services

Log provided services in a central place. Decide reservation types; whether your customers can book an online meeting or physical visit.

Manage Holidays and Special Events

The master booking calendar is automatically updated when idle days are logged or an employee gets a leave.

Specify Work Hours and Shifts

Specify special working hours and allocated working shifts per location and time zone.

Associate Appointment to Resources

When a customer submits a booking request, all required resources are automatically booked as well to fulfill the appointment requirements.

Monitor Resources Utilization

Access analytics and insights about resource utilization. Use dashboards to know least and most loaded resources over a period of time per location for better planning.

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