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Link Development Launches a New Version of Arabic Chatbot on Azure in CAIROICT 2018

Sunday, Nov 25, 2018

Intelligent Customer Services for Citizens and Consumers in their Arabic Mother Tongue

Link Development, a global technology solutions provider and an A15 company, announced today the release of a new version of its Arabic Chatbot that aims to digitally transform customer service experiences of Arabic language speakers in MEA. The new version will be showcased to public and private sector customers during CAIROICT 2018, from 9 am to 12 pm on Tuesday, Nov 27th 2018, under Microsoft pavilion at Egypt International Exhibition Center (EIEC).

Readily working on Microsoft Azure, the new version of Link Development’s Arabic Chatbot brings together more powerful features and advanced techniques in artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is very useful for organizations who want to, cost-effectively, avail 24*7 services and realize brand proximity with customers whether online or on mobile.

“The Chatbot acts like a human who is available to interact with the customer at any given time. We have succeeded in making our Chatbot intelligent enough in the Arabic language to understand customer questions, comments and queries and respond to them effectively and quickly”, explained Ahmed Abedhameed, Link Development, General Manager.

Banks, retails, telecoms and real-estate companies can save big bucks they spend on customer service support agents who are not fully utilized in off-peak hours. Ministries and public-service bodies can use Arabic Chatbots to make their Arabic-speaking citizens comfortable in finding information and answers anytime anywhere.

“Although there is complexity, novelty and scarcity in Arabic language computational intelligence, we are moving steadily in our digital roadmap to make the Arabic Chatbot very intelligent and learnable using pattern recognition, pattern matching, state tracking and artificial intelligence techniques. Our target is to make the solution fully capable of self-evolving with business needs,” added Abedlhameed.

Link Development is continuing to enhance its bilingual (Arabic and English) Chatbot to open a wider space for omni-channel customer experiences. The bot works on customer’s social media channels such as Facebook, Skype and others. It also integrates with customer’s CRM and other back backend systems. It is part of Bubbles, a customer care platform co-developed by Link Development.

A Regionally Managed Partner by Microsoft, Link Development has delivered the Chatbot to multiple customers in Egypt and the region. To see a demo of the solution and listen to multiple successful implementations, visit the company’s pod under Microsoft pavilion at CAIROICT from 9 am to 12 pm on Tuesday, Nov 27th 2018.

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