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Link Development Attains Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation in Business Applications!

Thursday, Dec 21, 2023

Link Development Attains Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation in Business Applications, Setting a Benchmark for Excellence in Microsoft Technologies.

Link Development, a leading force in the Information Technology domain with a strong focus on Microsoft Technologies, proudly announces its achievement of the prestigious Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation in the Business Applications category. This remarkable milestone not only symbolizes excellence but also affirms Link Development's unwavering commitment to specialization and delivering unparalleled solutions to its clients.

Hesham El Beih, CEO at Link Development, expresses his enthusiasm about this accomplishment, stating, "Achieving the Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation in Business Applications is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence. At Link Development, we believe in not just meeting but exceeding the expectations set by industry leaders like Microsoft. This achievement reflects our dedication to maintaining a large certified team, serving a substantial number of cloud-running customers, and showcasing substantial growth in the usage of Microsoft Business Solutions."

Link Development's Proficiency in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Power Platform

The company's expertise extends beyond the Business Applications category, as Link Development has excelled in implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Power Platform. This proficiency underscores the company's prowess in key areas of business technology, demonstrating its capability to deliver tailored solutions that align with the evolving needs of its clients.

Comprehensive Expertise Across the Microsoft Ecosystem

Link Development's success story extends beyond Business Applications, encompassing all seven key services offered by Microsoft. These include Modern Work, Security, Data and AI, Infrastructure, Digital and App Innovation, and Cloud, in addition to Business Applications. This comprehensive expertise positions Link Development as a versatile and comprehensive solutions provider, well-equipped to address a wide array of customer needs.

Proven Track Record and Extensive Presence

With roots dating back to 2005, Link Development has established itself as a leading player in the Microsoft ecosystem. Operating in the Middle East and Africa, the company serves over 500 customers across multiple countries, including Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait. The team comprises over 180 certified members, showcasing Link Development's commitment to maintaining a highly skilled workforce. The company has left a lasting impact on over 250,000 users in sectors such as government and public services, retail and distribution, and real estate.

Joseph Sameh, Senior Vice President of Business Applications and Board Member at Link Development, states, "Our strength is further exemplified by boasting the region's largest certified Power Platform team, skilled in various Microsoft technologies. This allows us to provide cutting-edge solutions that drive innovation and facilitate digital transformation."

Solidifying Position as a Top-Tier Specialist

In summary, achieving the Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation in Business Applications solidifies Link Development's position as a top-tier specialist in the Microsoft ecosystem. This milestone underscores the company's commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and continuous growth.

As Link Development embarks on this new journey, the company looks forward to leveraging its expertise to drive innovation, facilitate digital transformation, and ensure the success of its valued clients. With a formidable presence across the Middle East and Africa, a large, certified team, and an impressive track record of serving diverse sectors, Link Development is well-prepared to continue delivering innovative solutions and embracing the latest in cloud, AI, sustainability, and digital transformation for the benefit of its customers.

To learn more about Link Development's award-winning services, please explore our website at For inquiries, feel free to reach out through our Contact Page or connect with us on social media.


About Link Development:

Link Development is a leading Information Technology company specializing in Microsoft Technologies. With a strong focus on excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Link Development delivers cutting-edge solutions that drive digital transformation and ensure the success of its clients.


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