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LINK Development introduces “Voice of Customer” Solutions at Microsoft Dynamics Middle East Summit

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

LINK Development introduced its customer service solutions at the Middle East Dynamics Summit organised by Microsoft taking place on April 20thin Dubai, UAE. LINK Customer Service solutions focus on customer needs, expectations and service improvement by capturing comprehensive data from all interaction channels to enable organisations to collect, analyse and act upon it in real time, amplifying the true Voice of the Customer.

By participating as a Platinum Sponsor at the Microsoft Dynamics Summit, LINK Development showcased the latest Microsoft Dynamics based solutions to empower organisations, enhance productivity, achieve superior customer satisfaction and help better understand customer needs.

Fadi Antaki, Chief Executive Officer of OTVentures, a pioneering digital and technology solutions provider for online and mobile platforms, said: “Our collaboration with Microsoft over the past two decades aims at bringing value to customers in the region. Teaming up with Microsoft has enabled LINK Development to provide solutions critical to businesses, giving them insights that help them deliver outstanding customer experiences.”

Amin Azab, LINK Development Managing Director, said: “As a leading Microsoft partner here in the region, LINK Development has been working on producing innovative solutions for companies and government entities in the UAE to better understand and, therefore, better serve the customer while improving the quality and efficiency in response time and service delivery.”

According to the quarterly Zendesk Benchmark report, the UAE ranks a lucky 13th out of 32 major countries worldwide when it comes to customer satisfaction. The UAE marginally improved its standing in terms of customer satisfaction, with 85 per cent overall customer satisfaction in the second quarter compared to 84 per cent in 2014.

The quality drive that the UAE has embarked on over the last few years and which propelled it to one of the Top 20 most competitive nations on earth, ranking 12th this year according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index 2014-2015 compared to last year’s ranking in the 19th position, shows that the country is significantly committed to investing in quality improvements and enhancing offered services.

Inspired by this vision, LINK Customer Service solutions provide 24/7 availability for instant response to customers’ voices on social media. The company provides personalised automated responses to customers’ posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter. Automating responses to customer interactions through social media lead to an efficient service and increased loyalty. It closes the gap between customer expectations and the level of service provided with timely response/action to requests or complaints.

Tarek El Araby, UAE Commercial Director at LINK Development said: “A five percent increase in loyalty can increase profits by 25%-85% for a business. Satisfied customers are nearly six times more likely to repurchase and recommend a company or product within their network than just neutral customers; they are likely to tell from five to twelve other people about their positive experience. LINK Customer Service solutions help organisations transform their customer experience by better understanding the customer needs and challenges, guiding customer service agents to positively impact the customer experience with its products and services. It provides intuitive and simple tools to proactively improve customer interactions, which leads to improved customer satisfaction and increased loyalty. Relying on the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics technology, LINK Development offers the Customer Care solution either hosted at the customer’s premises or on the cloud at the Microsoft’s CRM Online.”

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