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Link Development Digitalizes Egypt's Economic Courts Systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Tuesday, Mar 23, 2021

Accelerating Justice Delivery and Encouraging Investments

Link Development, the global technology solutions provider and an A15 company, announced today that it has delivered Egypt's Economic Courts a fresh milestone in its Dynamics 365 based digital justice platform; another step towards providing quicker and more accessible justice to all. 

Established in 2008, Egypt's Economic Courts (ECC) are specialized courts that focus on resolving economic and commercial disputes.

Entrusted with serving citizens and safeguarding local and foreign investments in Egypt, ECC was the first judicial body to take a full digitalization leap; a move set to drastically improve the justice system's performance and significantly impact the county’s worldwide bank ranking.

Based on D365, Link Development has delivered a flagship digital justice platform with a powerful backend that automates and integrates end-to-end judiciary processes and services, including legal case filing, assignment, scheduling, distribution, transfers, and others.

Through an online portal, citizens, lawyers, and others can register, e-file new cases, follow up on cases' progress, set appointments, receive judges' decisions, make e-payments, and more. 

Counselor Ahmed Khairy, Assistant Minister of Justice, Egypt Economic Courts said, "Automating Egypt's Economic Courts is part of the government's digitalization strategy to create a more productive and transparent justice system that citizens and investors can rely on. It's a national project driven by the directives of his excellency Abd El Fatah Sisi's to realize Egypt 2030 vision."

"We are happy with the measurable performance improvements delivered by the digital justice platform since its launch. We are very impressed too with Link Development for facilitating our digital transformation", added Khairy.

Mirna Aref, General Manager, Microsoft Egypt said: “We believe that Egypt Economic Courts’ Digital Justice Platform is a key milestone in accelerating digital transformation across the judiciary system in Egypt.  The digital justice platform will empower EEC's and the Ministry of Justice to serve justice with greater efficiency and transparency, in an integrated, secure and intelligent way."

"At Microsoft, we stand ready to partner with government entities in Egypt to promote the adoption of digital services across all sectors, enabling a competitive digital economy in line with Egypt Vision 2030. We trust that our partners, such as Link Development, can achieve more success stories in driving the government's digital transformation”, added Aref.

The first phase of digitalization of the Economic Courts was launched during Cairo ICT 2020. The fresh milestone includes the roll-out of e-services and tools. 

Joseph Sameh, Business Solutions, General Manager, Link Development, said, "We are honored to cooperate with Egypt's Economic Courts. The automation, customization, and integration of such a matrix of mission-critical judicial processes and legal case practices have been an exciting mission.

"We will continue to enrich the D365 e-justice platform and put our resources, knowledge, and expertise to help Egypt's Economic Courts achieve their digital vision and growth," Sameh added.

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