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Shift to eService Delivery in No Time

ServeBig Automation is a fast-to-implement framework that transforms current services portfolio into digital, smart services with streamlined processes, secure e-payments and more.

Use a Jumpstarter Kit for Fast eService Delivery

Shift directly to service digitalization using a minimum setup. Mobilize ServeBig Automation ready-made components for a fast rollout of services. Pick the best deployment option for your business: on premises or on cloud.

Self-Services Portal

Build a customer portal on web and mobile using the customer's preferred language. Enable customers to apply for e-services and track progress.

Customer Registration

Verify customer registration through email, Facebook or Google. Send customers secure login instructions to securely use their credentials to apply for e-services.

Service Catalogues & Cards

Organize eServices in a dynamic service catalogue. Enable customers to filter and search. Put all e-service info in a card including brief description, fees, required documents and SLA.

Ready-Made Workflows

Use built-in workflows to enable employees to approve service requests and ask customers for modifications, in addition to enabling customers to pay service fees online.


Consolidate tasks, requests, documents and payment history in a unified workspace. Customer can access workspaces from the self-services portal, and employees from the backend.


Manage ServeBig Automation settings and configure services from the backend portal. Grant needed staff access controls and authorizations.


Empower customers and employees to access their workspaces to submit requests, manage tasks and profiles on-the-go via a mobile app.

Reports and Dashboards

Gain insights about performance progress through a number of reports and dashboards for better decision making.


Choose one of ServeBig Automation secure deployment options: on-premise or on cloud, in accordance with your digital needs and tech mandates.

Extend the Transformation: Digitalize Your Entire Business

Capitalize on ServeBig Automation capabilities to complete your digital transformation journey. Design business-specific processes and rules for SLAs, delegations, escalations and more. Extend capacities of customer intelligence, omnichannel communications and AI-driven customer service.

Workflow Engine

Create process workflows visually through drag and drop. Design process paths of any complexity including sequential, parallel, sub processes or branching flows. Integrate the new process with ServeBig Automation components.

Form Designer

Create business process request forms using a Form Designer that enables drag and drop of rich ready-made controls and layouts. Choose the validations to apply on the form and implement your own branding.

Customer 360 View

View full customers profiles that include their transactions, payments, submitted documents and complaints. Use the analytical insights to serve them even better.

Employee 360

Monitor the productivity and performance indicators of employees. Ensure they are following designated SLAs, check escalations and promptly take corrective measures.

Case Management

Enable customers to submit complaints, inquiries or feedback from the self-services portal, mobile app and call center. Enable call center agents to submit cases and route them to right people and notify customer with results.


Have an intelligent chatbot to answer customer inquiries beyond working hours. Only forward critical issues to human agents to increase agents' productivity and decrease operational costs.

Master Calendar

Log holidays and working hours to accurately measure SLAs. Easily manage company resources usage and availability for more efficient appointment booking results.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate with internal and third party technology solutions to create flawless digital scenarios. Streamline data and operations with integration with other CRM, ERP, APIs, document management systems, workflow engines, preferred online payment gateways, and others.

SEO Support

Improve the quality and quantity of traffic to your portal from search engines with SEO-friendly self-services portal pages. Administrators can continuously enhance the portal's SEO from the backoffice using title tags and meta descriptions updates.

Audit Trail and Logs

Capture and track the actions of your customers and employees alike. Audit trail is used for information security to identify any issues within the process. Many organizations and governments mandate audit trails and logs to comply with their standards and regulations.

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