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No More Messy Meetings

Meeting360 is an easy-to-use Power Platform based product that creates streamlined, digital meetings in your workplace.

Build the Prefect Meeting

Digitalize the process of holding internal and external meetings. Utilize the power of low code/no code to easily and quickly manage meeting rooms reservations, schedules, facilities, attendees, MOMs and much more.

Reserve for External Users

Register and reserve rooms for external users through a portal and control the invitees from product's backend.

Control Requests

Enable meeting reservation request approval or rejection by a designated person before confirmation.

Allow Payments

Configure the product to request payment from customers who are reserving your facility.

Establish Visibility & Reporting

Monitor real-time insights & analytics to know available rooms, facilities and more. Also, view reports on meeting rooms utilization.

Plan Recurring Meetings

Reserve meeting room for all the occurrences in one request. It's a very easy and important step.

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