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Yes. CountBig - Census applies SDMX standards to improve and facilitate the exchange of statistical data and metadata among organizations.

Yes. With CountBig - Census there is no limit on the number of surveys or questions you can create or the number of responses you can collect.

Yes. CountBig - Census can be hosted on premises and on cloud according to customer preference.

The synchronization of data between the tablet application and the server is done through REST APIs. An acknowledgement is sent to the tablet when the data is received.

CountBig saves collected data on the tablet application’s database. When the collector/enumerator decides to sync the data with the server, a retrial mechanism is used to ensure the data is synced successfully.

If the maximum number of retries is reached, the tablet application retries every hour to resend the data till the data is sent successfully.

CountBig - Census allows authorized backend user to display percentages of each answer of any question on pie charts and bar graphs. CountBig - Census also provides a wide range of reports that track the status and progress of surveys.

CountBig - Census manages the performance of data collectors using different approaches:

- Quality Control:
With CountBig - Census, you can assign Quality Control users to do face-to-face interviews or phone interviews to recollect a subset of the collected data. Similarity reports are generated to compare answers.

- Location Tracking:
CountBig - Census tracks the location of the collector during data collection to ensure that the collector is within the sample’s planned area.

- Time Constraint on Filling Surveys:
CountBig - Census enables setting a specific time window to fill each survey. If the duration of data collection is less, CountBig tracks and flags the issue.

CountBig - Census primarily focuses on the accuracy of collected data.

In the survey design phase, CountBig - Census allows the survey designer to add different validation & business rules on questions to prevent the system from accepting wrong or undesired answers.

In the data collection phase, the backend administrator can choose to apply an approval workflow on collected data. Supervisors can then accept or reject reviewed data.

After data collection, the backend administrator can assign Quality Control users to do face-to-face interviews or phone interviews to recollect a subset of the collected data for comparison purposes.

Yes. CountBig - Census allows survey designers to create and customize surveys, choose from endless types of questions, and organize these questions into different forms and question groups.

Yes. We care about our customers’ success and satisfaction. We stay by your side all the way and provide all the help and support needed.

Yes. We provide our customers with all the trainings they need to ensure that all stakeholders fully understand the features of CountBig - Census and are ready to use it.



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