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Retain Happy Customers & Realize Soaring Profits

The Retail Hub is a Dynamics 356-based platform that empowers retailers to create automated, unified, and intelligent end-to-end retail experiences on cloud and on-prem.

Blueprints for a Smashing Retail Ecosystem

It's always about the customer. Leverage blueprints to tailor strong customer relationships that give you the lead and bring you soaring profits.


Capture customer information and interactions through POS or the E-commerce portal and access the from one screen.

Customers Segmentation

Put customers in right segments to easily run marketing campaigns.

Tickets Management

Capture customers/non-customers tickets through different channels such as call center, portal, social and more.

Delivery & Installation

Employ a user friendly interface for schedule and manage product deliveries. Enable technicians/delivery persons to update via an easy-to use mobile app.

After-Sale Service

Capture after-sale service requests and dispatch qualified persons to handle them.


Integrating with POS, inventory system, ERP system to get the maximum benefits of the solution.


Easily analyze results through charts and dashboards to gain insights.

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