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Craft Excellence at Every Patient Interaction

Patient First is a digital healthcare platform that automates and integrates the business ecosystem of public and private healthcare providers.

Unify Patient Data & Profiles

Connect and integrate patient data from different systems and data sources for a holistic data view of everything. Clean up data for accuracy and consistency. Manage complete patient data profiles through a single centrally managed location.

Digitalize Care Services

Build a connected system of e-services such as eAppointments, ePrescriptions/Refills, eVaccinations, ePermits/eLicenses, ePayment and more. Automate live saving services such as Emergency & Ambulance services. Optimize costs with Asset Utilization of incubators, blood bags, ICU beds and more.

Deliver Personalized Self-Care

Provide patients with secure access to personal records and profiles to see their own history of medications, radiology and laboratory results and more. Enable self-care services to make them feel empowered through your portal and mobile app.

Streamline Operations & Infrastructure

Integrate businesses processes and operations between different healthcare systems, people using them and government or other 3rd party systems. Simplify everything by having a single, attractive entry point to all your systems and services.

Understand Patient Needs

Monitor personalized patient experiences on your portal. With built-in intelligence, know patient preferences per device, location and history. Understand your patient behavior patterns & predict their future needs to design great marketing programs.

Utilize Mobile Power

Build native, and engaging mobile apps for your patients, for your community of teams, staff members and more. Enable smart search, GPS navigation and VR visualizations to locate clinics, hospitals, facilities, doctors, specialties and others.

Employ Live Chatbots

Create a process-based Live Chat channel with patients to support their questions and inquires patient on 24*7 basis using automated, AI-driven chatbots. Integrate the chatbot with your call center agents and IVR channels for seamless experience.

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Make Evidence-Based Decisions

Have a single view of every aspect of your healthcare performance to make quick, confident decisions. Access real-time and drillable reports, dashboards, geo-dashboards with detailed metrics. Segment you patients by demographics, visits, diagnosis and more. Monitor ongoing costs and revenues of patient activities.

Accelerate and Modernize

Leap into the tech that accelerates the digitalization of your healthcare organization and makes patients more confident and relaxed with your services.

Low Code/No Code Tech

Accelerate healthcare process automation and medical e-service delivery with low code and no code technologies.

IOT & Wearable Devices

Extend range of patient monitoring by tracking their health through wearable devices.

Video Communications

Use video conferencing among medical staff. Enable telehealth visits for patients.

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