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Craft the Knowledge Journey

Knowledge Management is easy-to-use framework that transforms information into knowledge that employees can use to communicate, collaborate and serve customers better.

Modernize Employee Experience

Design a fresh knowledge management experience. Decide what content is important, how can it be easily created, where it should be stored, who can access and share it; and how it will be consumed across different channels.

Automate Information Publishing

Digitalize the publishing business processes in accordance with organization hierarchy and departments.

Ensure Accessibility and Security

Embed security matrices to ensure that every piece of information is protected and securely accessed by specific department or target audience.

Enable Scanning & OCR

Scan and convert physical files to digital files. Shift the digital files into readable and searchable documents.

Manage Metadata

Add/extract metadata to and from documents for classification, categorization and creating relationships.

Use Indexing & Search

Leverage the power of advanced search methodologies based on indexed item and metadata to reach information easily.

Integrate Knowledge Sources

Remove information silos, gather information from different sources, created streamlined processes of content creation and control. Manage documents and records as you go.

Analyze Content Usage

With digital insights, monitor content consumption and understand when and why there is an increase in speed, efficiency and collaboration.

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