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Published : Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021

OpenShift Engineer - Egypt

Department: Digital Services

Type: Full Time


  • Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Application Development is preferable.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Math, Engineering, or related field or equivalent work experience required
  • 3+ years of experience working with Enterprise-level container-based systems (OpenShift, Docker, CRI-O, Kubernetes, etc.) including associated on-prem infrastructure with 2+ years supporting dedicated OpenShift Platform systems (OCP, OCS, HAProxy, etc.)
  • Experience supporting Microservice and Cloud-native applications in a CI/CD automated, multi-tenant application environment with multiple partners and use cases
  • Experience supporting a Linux (RHEL or similar) environment
  • Experience using various CI/CD tools (GitHub, Jenkins, or similar)
  • Experience with utilizing application monitoring tools such as Grafana, Splunk
  • Experience supporting common infrastructure and security related objects and services such as DNS, Firewall Rules, SSL, Load Balancers, and Identity Management integration


  • Create and work with multiple OpenShift projects
  • Deploy single container and multi-container applications
  • Create and use a Helm chart
  • Customize deployments with Kustomize
  • Implement application health monitoring
  • Understand basic Git usage and work with Git in the context of deploying applications in OpenShift
  • Configure the OpenShift internal registry to meet specific requirements
  • Create and deploy cloud-native applications for OpenShift
  • Manage applications with the web console
  • Use command-line utilities to create and manipulate container images
  • Optimize container images
  • Publish container images to a registry
  • Diagnose and correct minor issues with application deployment
  • Create configuration maps and use them to inject data into applications
  • Create and maintain an OpenShift template

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