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Published : Monday, Mar 21, 2022

Open Source Technology Manager - Egypt

Department: Digital Services

Type: Full Time


  •  Effective hiring practices so that they can build the right team to work for them and further the company's aims.
  • An ability to constantly educate themselves so that they're up-to-date with the latest technological advances.
  •  Diplomacy skills as they negotiate what they feel is best for the company's IT systems.
  •  An ability to liaise well with others and source information efficiently.
  • Communication skills with people of all levels throughout the organization they work for.
  •  An ability to research and predict the ways that different technologies can impact an organization's development.
  •  Budgeting skills are also important, as Technology Managers usually need to work within a budget.
  •  The ability to mentor others who are further down in their team.
  • An ability to respond well to constructive feedback



• Managing the company's technological plans.
• Overseeing data security and management.
• Maintaining a company's network.
• Envisioning how different forms of technology will be used throughout the company.
• Researching ways, the company's technological assets can be improved.
• Creating networking safeguards that prevent security breaches and keep client information confidential.
• Assessing whether new technologies are appropriate for the company to use.
• Ensuring technologies currently in use are efficient and making changes wherever necessary

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