Anas Shehab

Chief Information Officer, IKEA Saudi Arabia


Link Development helped us to navigate a digital route that looked too complex in optimal time; exceeding our expectations. At IKEA Saudi Arabia we had
many disconnected systems constituting the backbone of our operations. The diversity and disparity of residing data was becoming overwhelming. And,
our business ambition for increased customer satisfaction was soaring.

We needed to embed customer excellence know-how in every technical decision and digital direction we take. Link Development digitally transformed our complex environment into an integrated, productive one. Together, we used plenty of Microsoft technologies and capitalized on the cost-efficiency and security of Azure.

IKEA KSA is now a digital leader across the Inter KIEA ecosystem. It doesn’t stop here. As digital has no ceiling, so is our determination to work with Link
Development in continuing our journey of digital transformation towards our business objectives.

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