Link Development

End-to-End Performance Monitoring

Keep your application under control by tracking performance, bottlenecks, networks, servers to prevent problems before they arise. We provide intelligent 3rd party tools that resolve challenges of monitoring middleware platforms such as BizTalk Server. We extend monitoring to include external resources such as SQL Servers, SQL Instances, Web Endpoints, Database Queries and more.

All-in-One Monitoring Capabilities

We put intelligent monitoring tools in the hands of our customers. With easy-to-configure rules, easy-to-build performance indicators, and rich administration functions, you can establish a healthy monitoring environment for applications, data, infrastructure servers, SQL databases and more.

We simply collect information and data about all applications and use insights and analytics to judge on performance pattern and proactively take needed actions for increasing application performance and availability before any incident.

Application Monitoring

Supports web application monitoring, whether hosted on Azure or on-premises, by tracking application, requests, responses in order to increase performance & availability.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor and analyze infrastructure performance whether it’s related to Servers, Networks, Azure Services, Data Storage and Operating Systems.

Insights & Analytics

Collect exact information about monitored applications and infrastructure then show comprehensive insights and analytical reports.


Be continuously alerted for latest updates of your applications and keep up-to-date with application health checks reports and potential bottlenecks.


Avoid administration consoles and use an interactive dashboard to monitor your environment and application health and bottlenecks.

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