Link Development

Reshape Business Resiliency and Availability

Realize the benefits of a single, consolidated integration platform. We help you migrate business applications and source code from BizTalk Server 2006+ versions to above and modernize the whole environment on cloud with Azure Logic Apps on a strong integration platform that can do all heavy-lifting. Whether on Cloud or using a hybrid model, ensure continuous application performance using extensive health checks and recommendations.

A Signature Integration Platform

We make the transition into a high-performing, end-to-end integration platform easy and professional. It’s a comprehensive, central, consolidated hub to manage the whole integration lifecycle and facilitate communication between systems, messages, subscribers, and others with maximum usability, performance and security.

Migrating into a fresh, modernized integration platform decreases time-to-market, consolidates applications monitoring and insights in one platform, opens room for scalability and ensures continuous business integration and development.

Transform Technology

Move from legacy technologies and platforms to cloud-based technology to proactively respond to technology changes and features updates.

Improve Productivity

Increase organizational productivity by avoiding down time, slow network performance. Intelligently manage messages requests and responses.

Secure Integration

Protect integration points and systems by applying topline security features that leverage cloud security tools and seamlessy receiving latest security patches.

Scale & Manage Workloads

Based on application workloads and size of transformed buckets, adjust platform scalability options for more automated actions.

Availability & Stability

Easily increase applications and platform availability and stability. Decrease application downtime and bottlenecks.


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