Link Development

Connect, Monitor and Scale

Align technology systems and solutions, within the enterprise, to the same page. We help you to leverage BizTlak Server & Logic Apps s to build No-Code capacities in applications integration and graphically orchestrate business processes. We architect the entire communication between existing and new solutions to enable seamless, enterprise-wide management, monitoring and scaling without technical difficulties and with complete control.

Unify System Integration Language

Implement a secure communication channel between different service-oriented architecture (SOA) software applications. Induce agility and flexibility for a high-level of communication between applications. Our consultants help you to orchestrate data, build integration layers subscribe to specific messages, monitor and route messages to specific subscribers and more.

Queuing Service

We provide message transfer through message queues with message timestamp, queues store the message till application receiver readiness.

Data & Orchestration

Automate the processes of data manipulation, preparation, validation and taking decisions.


Use connectors to integrate with different enterprise platforms. Customize the integration solution to put messages in  appropriate formats.

Message Converter

Convert messages into different formats to support the integration with multiple platforms.

Business Rules

Configure and apply different business rules to simplify the validation processes and show the flexibility of the business rules engine.

Messages Distribution

Distribute messages based on listener or subscriber application to deliver the right message to the right system in the right format.

Exception Handling

Employ powerful logging and exception handler mechanisms to trace and monitor all solution messages and raised exceptions.

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