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Steer the Wheel with Confidence

Shape your business future with data-driven decisions. With Power BI transform, shape and merge your enterprise data into compelling and interactive reports that you can easily navigate and drill-down into much more details. Take timely business decisions with data analysis and visualizations that reveal deep business insights and track data over time.

Transform Your Data into Actionable Insights

Build services, apps, and connectors that unify data sources and transform data into interactive and visual insights. Leverage Power BI self-service and enterprise business intelligence to connect to your data sources, gain deep insights into your data, and easily share everything with your team.

Unify Self-Service and Enterprise Analytics

Realize your self-service and enterprise data analytics objectives with a single platform. Use powerful semantic models, an application lifecycle management (ALM) toolkit, an open connectivity framework, and fixed-layout with pixel-perfect paginated reports.

Accelerate Big Data Preparation with Azure

Enable an intelligent analysis and sharing of large volumes of business data. Use the no-limits Azure data lake to reduce the time it takes to generate insights and amplify collaboration between your business analysts, data engineers, and data scientists.

Find Answers Immediately with Cutting-Edge AI

Take advantage of the latest breakthroughs in Microsoft AI to help professional non-data scientists prepare business data, build machine learning models, and find insights easily and quickly from both structured and unstructured data, including text and images.

Boost Efficiency and Accuracy of BI Content Publishing

Quickly spot data differences and move content from development and testing to production with confidence by using the simple visual cues in Power BI deployment pipelines.

Fly with Unmatched Excel Integration

You only need someone who is familiar with Office 365 to easily connect Excel queries, data models, and reports to Power BI Dashboards. It will be a quick and easy task to gather, analyze, publish, and share Excel business data in new ways.

Turn Insights into Action

Move from data to insights and from insights to action by employing Microsoft Power Platform that combines the of Power BI with Power Apps and Power Automate to easily build business applications and automate workflows.

Stream Analytics in Real Time 

Tap into what’s happening now in addition to what happened in the past. There are no limits, you can see everything from factory sensors to social media sources. Access real-time analytics to be always ready for making timely and data-driven decisions.

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