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Take Care of What's Important. Automate the Rest!

Microsoft Power Automate is an intelligent workflow application that enables you to connect apps and services to automate repetitive tasks and paperless processes. We work with you across your automation journey to help you work smarter, work lesser and achieve more.

Easily Add Automation to Your Business

Quickly automate repeatable workflows, enable business logic to simplify tasks, and connect your processes with Microsoft Power Automate. With Power Platform, all levels of the organization will streamline notifications, sync data between systems, automate workflows, and more. Coupled with Power Apps, Power Automate will help you drive faster, more efficient business processes and a more productive business.

Boost Productivity

Build time-saving workflows into everything from individual tasks to large-scale systems with seamless integration using hundreds of prebuilt connectors.

Automate Quickly and More Securely

Enable everyone to build secure workflows with a low-code, no-code guided experience to automate mundane everyday tasks with robotic process automation (RPA).

Put intelligent Workflows to Work

Automate time-consuming manual tasks with built-in AI capabilities, giving you more time to focus on strategic, high-value opportunities.

Empower Anyone to Automate Any Task at any Time with RPA

Automate mundane, rules-based tasks with point-and-click simplicity—whether the app is old or new, on-premises or in the cloud—with RPA in Power Automate.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Power Automate enables workflow automation like never before. Create automated workflows to connect your favorite apps and services to receive automated notifications, sync files, collect data, and much more.  

Maximize Your Productivity

Power Automate creates customized workflows for a variety of scenarios. Get started with a ready-made template or create a custom-made workflow that spans multiple applications.

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