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Remote Services are the New Norm

eServices, today - more than ever - are a top necessity. Governments and private sector organizations are expanding in providing online services such a ePermits, eLicenses, eCertifications, eBookings, eVisits, ePayments, eInspections and more. We provide an ecosystem of in-house developed digital solutions, products and platforms that enable public and private sector organizations to transform provide online services.


Build and automate e-services with Dynamics365 & Power Platform.

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ServeBig Suite

Jumpstart, grow and scale a full automation of your business in weeks.

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eService Portals: Responding to a Soaring Global Demand

Today’s digital mindset defaults on requesting any service anytime, anywhere. An average service quality or speed is a disappointing experience.  It’s time to reshape your service delivery model and put it at the hands of your people.

Personalized, Self-Service Experiences

Enable customers to consume e-services with cutting-edge designs and navigation. Make them feel comfortable and in control.

Proven Products

Launch a portal with newly automated e-services using any of our in-house developed products and platforms built on .NET, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and more.

A Centralized Journey

Integrate with other systems and solutions to create a one-stop-shop where e-services are showcased, consumed, paid for and monitored.

On-Prem & On-Cloud

Host your e-service portal on premises or on cloud. Our products and platform securely accommodate both scenarios.





Moussalam Dalati

General Manager, Middle East @Liferay Partner

We are excited to partner with Link Development to support our customers in delivering digital experience solutions built on Liferay.

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Malek Fawaz

Minister Advisor for Investment Promotion & Digital Transformation, MIIC Customer

With the continuous help of key digital players such as Link Development, we are progressing in an aggressive digital roadmap

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