Link Development

Build a Unified Information Gateway

Consolidate all your scattered data sources into one single source-of-truth, so you can finally connect the dots and fill the informational gaps. We help you extract, clean and assemble organizational data, whether structured or unstructured, from different sources, systems and processes; make it all speak the same language, and put it together in a unified, organized and secure way so it can give meaning every time this data changes.

Intelligently Restructure Data

Raw data is the backbone of your enterprise, the real gold mine! We help you in creating a framework that recognizes any and all sources of data in your business, whether an application, a portal, a social network, a document or even a process. You name it! We drive harmony in data usage with intelligent integration to help you transform into an precise organization that takes data-driven decisions in the right time.

Data Extraction from Separate Existing Sources

Connect to your data sources, files & folders, excel files and legacy systems to streamline and automate the data migration and synchronization from where it originally resides to the new consolidation destination.

Data Transformation and Restructuring

Stage extracted date for transformation, homogenization and cleansing purposes; to ensure its format matches the target storage/destination.

Data Loading and Processing

Load large volumes of transformed data efficiently, whilst concurrently reviewing, sorting, aggregating and processing, into the target destination.

Data Warehousing

Accommodate consolidated data in its new home where it can blend and befriend with each other, and prepare it for further treatment and analysis.

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