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Personalize Customer Experiences

Customer insights are critical to transform into an adaptive organization that can intelligently react to customer needs with fast and personalized responses. We help you empower marketing, sales, and service teams by fully understanding who are the customers and what they need in real-time. Utilizing the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, we provide you the analytics needed to create highly personalized, value-adding campaigns that target the right customer segments at the right time for better experiences and greater revenue.

Get 360-Degree View of Customers

To lay the grounds of customer success, we employ D365 Customer Insights, the fully functioning customer data platform to aggregate, connect and analyze data from hundreds of sales, marketing, customer service and business intelligence tools. With the output 360-degree view of customers, organizations are presented with a complete and unified source of truth that combines transactional, observational and behavioral data in real-time.

Gain 360-Degree Customer Insights

Bring together all of your data to achieve a complete picture of your customer. In addition to history and interactions with your brand, you can enrich your customer entities with audience intelligence from the Microsoft Graph. With recommendations based on AI and machine learning, you can uncover insights and make incredibly important, customer-centric decisions.

Action Plans

Once Insights has presented a customer’s data, it will also provide recommendations for actions. These recommendations are based on AI and machine learning templates. The advice will take the form of suggested next best action, replies, conversation points or product recommendations.

Enhance Customer Experience

The 360-degree customer profile means that agents will be able to personalize their service to each customer. A customer’s needs can be specifically targeted and handled by the most appropriate agent. They will never be kept waiting and every interaction will add value to the relationship

Better Business Decisions

The information and action suggestions provided by Insights allow for forecasting of the market monitoring of trends and as a result, smarter business decisions. Agents will never miss a call and with the help of Insights they will provide a unified, professional service.

Improved Products and Services

The personal customer insights, segment insights and the general market trends mean that you will know what is working well and what isn’t. You will be aware of any changing needs in the market and how to target and design products to meet those needs.

Streamlined Data Provision

The straightforward programming and high-quality user experience means that agents can quickly find the information they need. App design is easy and quick with Power Automate and much of the manual data entry is automated


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