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Visualize Insights on Dashboards and Charts

Visualization of key performance indicators (KPIs) is critical to decision-making. Let your deep insights intelligently answer your business questions via visually-stunning dashboards, geo-dashboards and charts. We advance your data analysis into the next level by building powerful, scalable data models that easily manage complex data and quickly represent their current state through attractive and interactive visualizations that can be shared across the enterprise.

Adopt Cutting-Edge Data Visualization Solutions

Our data visualization experts design and produce simple to comprehensive dashboards that you can interact with on mobile and web and securely share with stakeholders. We use the powerful and user-friendly visualization and interactivity capabilities of Power BI, SQL Reporting Services and our custom-made reporting platforms to build eye-dazzling visualization solutions on maps, charts, reports and dashboards.

Live Dashboards

See your reports, charts, numbers and indicators change in real-time synchronization with the data updates in your data source or data warehouse.

Self-Service Reports

We deliver interactive, real-time reports with self-service capabilities so you can tailor your business intelligence to your preference.

Interact with your Data

Feel free to filter, switch views, drill-down into your data to be able to understand every aspect of the insights in hand.

Geo-Based Insights

See your data and charts on dynamic maps to track your numbers and sales geographically whether locally, regionally, or globally, and make decisions accordingly.

Ask the Chatbot

Ask the data questions in natural language, and it shall answer you in the preferred format, whether its text, charts, numbers, you name it.

Insights Mobility

Access your reports and dashboards on the go, anywhere, anytime, from your mobile device. The call for a critical decision can come at any moment.

Collaboration and Sharing

Share a preferred report or dashboard with a colleague or more securely, and have discussions around it and make changes on the fly.

Export to Management

Export reports to all possible known formats to use in presentations to top executives in your quarterly and yearly meetings.

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