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Migrate to Azure with Confidence!

Transitioning your business-critical workloads from on-premise to cloud can be a complex-free and cost-effective move. Driven by a strategic plan, detailed analysis of migration technicalities and in accordance with varied modernization needs, we deliver an intelligent, economical migration and managed services solution. Whether you migrate to PaaS, IaaS or others, we help you increase organizational productivity, reduce operational costs and grow your business by spending more time on higher-impact work.

It's a Cost-Efficient Cloud Migration

Migrating to Azure isn’t just about improving scalability and security. It’s also about achieving financial resilience. Just by shifting from a traditional upfront expenditure to a more flexible pay-as-you-go model, immediate ROI can be realized. We envision, technically asses, plan, architect, migrate, scale and host your transformation to the cloud with affordable payment plans that save your organization up 30%-50% of costs.

Azure Migration Consultancy

Our end-to-end migration consultancy services cover all aspects of your journey to cloud; starting from your migration strategy up-to implementing and maintaining your digital environment on cloud.

Our certified cloud experts technically assess your current infrastructure, provide briefings and plans to move ahead, conduct workshops & brainstorming sessions, deliver POCs, implement and host/manage the migrated environment in accordance with your business needs.

Workloads to Migrate

Ensure secure migration of your diverse digital workloads.

  • Market Business Application: Oracle, SAP, IBM, or Open Source or others
  • Microsoft Workloads that include Microsoft Infrastructure Modernization, Datacenter Transformation & Business Continuity, and Office 365 Migration & Deployment. 
  • Virtual Appliances such as Fortinet, Barracuda, F5, Citrix, and more.

Rehost/Refactor SQL on Azure
Move current applications from on-premises infrastructure to Azure with little changes as much as possible. Recraft application code by applying new technologies and new architecture to adapt to new  digital trends.

Datacenter Migration with Free Managed Services
Migrate your datacenter - Up to 25 servers ”Windows/Linux - to Azure and get FREE managed services.

Datacenter Managed Services with Free Datacenter Migration
Sign up to Azure Managed Services and get a FREE Datacenter Migration - Up to 25 Servers ”Windows/Linux”. 



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