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Modernize Business Visits

VisitStream is an easy-to-use, Power Platform based product that creates secure, safe, and warm business visits to your workplace.

Craft Professional Visits

Replace paper-based and semi-digital visitor management solutions and give your organization maximum control over the workplace with streamlined processes, increased visibility and great visitor experiences.

Create Digital Profiles

Prevent people from physical interaction to ensure social distancing and hygiene. Build simple self-registration process, ID capturing, digital photos and touchless badges.

Issue Visit Permits

Issue digital entry permits for on-spot and pre-approved visits and send them instantly to visitors via email or SMS.

Secure Verifications

Use touchless methods to match visitor information on entry with pre-registered contact details and documents.

Build Digital Logs

Apply QR or PIN code check-ins & check-outs for multiple visitors. Enable automatic check-out if required.

Visibility & Reporting

Access real-time insights & analytics on visitor identities, visit time stamps, reasons for visits, employee who had the visit and more

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