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A New Concept of Intranets

With excellently crafted pre-built designs, and in the span of three weeks, TeamBeats intranet puts collaboration and social life at the center of the corporate lifeblood to open room for healthier interactions and enhanced productivity.

Productive Remote Work = TeamBeats Modern Intranet

Create a Digital Home

Establish a single, unified intranet to securely connect all workforce online on 24*7 basis. Enable them to write in their preferred language: English or Arabic.

Implement e-Participation Tools

Know the pulse of your teams. Engage your people in different organization activities using polls, surveys, ideas, blogs discussions and more.

Involve and Inform Teams

Create a company-wide place for announcements and newsletters. Provide teams with a central repository with a library of documents, handbooks, FAQs, wikis, knowledge base, external contacts and more.

Personalize & Recognize Achievements

Show your people that you care and recognize their efforts. Celebrate individual achievers, teams of the month, promotions, newcomers, birthdays, and work anniversaries.

Build Motivated Networks

Broadcast internal job openings, company offers & employee benefits. Create stronger relationships across departments through discussion boards, social commenting, community sites, a marketplace and more.

Mark Vital Company Occasions

Create happy memories in your organization by scheduling events and building photo libraries and video galleries.

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