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Modernize Employee Experiences

TeamBeats is an internal communications platform that digitally connects the workforce and injects collaboration, engagement and productivity in the workplace.

Remote Work is the New Norm: Drive the Change Quickly

Implement a new intranet in the span of three weeks to digitally bond teams, build trust and cultivate a strong organization culture while enjoying the merits of social experiences, recognition and knowledge.

Choose a Design & Infuse Your Identity

Packaged with three state-of-art designs, TeamBeats provides great navigation experiences and attractive look & feel. Easily change the design of choice to reflect your organization identity, logo and branding colors.

On-Prem & On Cloud

Comply with your digital infrastructure rules, data storage policies and technology mandates. TeamBeats works seamlessly on premises and on cloud.

Office 365 & Liferay DXP

Have the best of the two worlds. TeamBeats readily works on the best of two top of Microsoft Office 365 and Liferay DXP, digital experience platform.

Simple & Secured

Ensure safe adoption thanks to applying needed authentications, authorizations and access controls that secure the backend usage and frontend navigation.

Customizations & Integrations

Easily customized to your business needs by creating a dedicated department site for better team collaboration. Easily integrated with different internal and third party technology solutions.

Smart Devices Compatibility

With responsive designs, people can easily connect and use through desktop, web and mobile, anytime anywhere.

Documentation & Help

Have a quick learning curve with context-based videos and textual user guides. Empower your teams with self-service learning of different features as needed.

eService Automation

Automate most commonly used HR and IT services and scale to add new ones. TeamBeats comes with a dedicated workspace for employees to manage incoming requests in addition to following up on their tasks.


Easily integrate your new intranet with different internal and third party technology solutions.

A Bilingual Solution

Empower employees to exchange content in their preferred language; English or Arabic. TeamBeats backend is only available in English.

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