Link Development

Simplify Strategy Design, Execution and Control

Digitalize the way strategy processes and KPIs are built and managed in accordance with global frameworks such as BSC (Balanced Scorecards) or hybrid. Monitor and control progress of everything in one integrated scenario.

Transform Vision and Strategy into Reality

Centralization & Standardization

Centralize strategy management and follow the same standards in building and monitoring strategies to create a streamlined, organized transformation.

Strategy-Execution Gap Closure

Focus on core SMO business and optimize strategy as you go. Reduce the burden of rigorous process management. Configure your strategy needs whether based on BSC or Hybrid.

Visualized Strategy Maps

Roll-out digital strategies easily and quickly. See how well is the progress on the overall strategy by accessing interactive strategy maps.

Adaptable Terminology in English and Arabic

Tailor the strategy structure with dynamic levels in accordance with country-specific or industry-specific terminology. Use your own naming conventions without affecting strategy implementation, hierarchy or logic.

Seamless Integrations

Employ out-of-the-box integration with Project360 for PPM automation. Integrate easily with third party EPM tools/solutions for initiatives and risk management in addition to sycing actual values of KPIs.

Consensus & Collaboration

Cascade strategies to open a space for the workforce to better perform and leaders to easily make decisions. Hear the voice of everybody to ensure acceptance and stress on accountability.

The Couple: Strategy360 and Project360 Isn't it Time to Bridge the Strategy & Execution Gap?

Link strategy to execution in one integrated journey. Lay grounds for soaring growth by using Strategy360 for strategy management. Make Project360 read and measure the performance of your initiatives. Create a single unified view of your enterprise performance and see measure progress against planed strategies. Bridge the strategy-execution gap on-prem or on cloud.

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