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Realize Tangible Outcomes

Strategy360 is an intuitive strategy management platform that simplifies the process of strategy design, execution and control to transform vision into reality.

Automate & Assess Strategy Processes in Real-Time

Digitalize everything related to strategies; that is people, process, resources and business rules in a smooth flow based on approvals. Adjust to changes by updating workflow in real time. Know the quality, status, and health of the flow in addition to the progress of strategic objectives, and initiatives.

Plan, Prioritize, Cascade and Align Strategies

Define, prioritize, breakdown and cascade strategies into objectives, pillars/initiatives, projects, activities, goals and tasks. Link them together, and to owners, and state their expected performance outcomes. Improve workforce collaboration and empower teams to create and retain documents.

Set Performance KPIs

Determine the performance thresholds of every part of the process with dynamic, color-coded KPIs using a formula builder. Extract metrics from other data sources, 3rd party systems, or through sub-KPIs performance aggregation.

Capture Intelligent Insights

See what is happening at any given point in time via clear, attractive and interactive dashboards that show in-depth, intelligent analysis and insights on all strategies.

Keep Teams Alert

Receive notifications on all levels (KPIs, Projects, objectives, initiatives/pillars, etc.) via email or mobile app. Create an upbeat work rhythm where everyone knows clearly what to do next.

Work without Slowdowns

Monitor strategy progress through Strategy360 mobile app. Its a dedicated native IOS & Android mobile app, that allows strategy teams and decision makers to control performance and take quick actions.

Craft a Single Source of Truth

Build a sustainable, efficient, and effective strategy management system that aligns with project management , KPI management and performance management, all within a single platform.


Easy-to-Use and Configure

Configure an easy-to-use, one-stop-shop solution to manage all steps of strategy methodology design to implementation.

Intelligent & Predictive Analytics

Access rich analytics to see what is going on. Leverage machine learning to predict what will happen next for taking proactive actions.

Works across Smart Devices

Ensure smooth strategy flow and implementation organization wide from anytime and anywhere in both Arabic and English languages.

Fast Rollout with Dynamic Structure

Use built-in strategy practices and benchmarks (BSC, or Hybrid). Use a dynamic strategy structure to manage multiple strategies.

Easily Integrated with other Solutions

Benefit from Strategy360 open platform to integrate with different backend systems & third party solutions that SMOs/VROs need to work with for better outcomes.

On-Prem & On Cloud

Choose to work on-prem or on cloud to accommodate your digital infrastructure and technology mandates.

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