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Transform into a Digital SMO

Craft strategy excellence and draw your own map of the future. Transform from manual and semi-digital strategy documents, plans and processes into fully automated strategy management and vision realization practices.

Digitalize Strategy Management

To achieve and sustain strategy and business excellence.

Strategy Core
Strategy Core

Automate core strategy processes and everything related to it. Define, prioritize, breakdown and cascade strategies into objectives.

KPIs & Initiatives Management

Centralize the management of strategies, KPIs and projects through an easy-to-use hub by strategy management offices (SMOs), Vision Realization Office (VROs) and decision makers.

Task Management

Direct the right resource automatically to do the right job using effective workflows.


Integrate with internal & 3rd party technology solutions and projects to create flawless strategy scenarios. Use out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Project Portfolio Management solution: Project360.

Reports & Dashboards

Get real Insights & analytics on strategy, important KPIs and objectives. Monitor projects’ progress via comprehensive, intuitive reports & dashboards.


Monitor your performance without slowdown, work on-the-go through Strategy360 mobile app.

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