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Jumpstart, Grow and Scale Your eServices

ServBig is an integrated, quick-to-implement suite of products that will shift you in no time into an e-service provider of ePermits, eLicenses, eRequests, eVisits, eAppointments, and more.

ServeBig Automation

ServeBig Automation is a fast-to-implement framework that transforms current services portfolio into digital, smart services with streamlined processes, secure e-payments and more.

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ServeBig Appointments

ServeBig Appointments is a fast-to-implement framework that transforms appointment booking into a streamlined business process with smart resource scheduling and utilization.

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ServeBig Inspections

ServeBig Inspections is a fast-to-implement framework that digitalizes the process of conducting business inspections to ensure compliance with high-quality standards, policies and regulations.

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The Trio: Fundamentals of Transformation

Turn your digital transformation roadmap into reality. Install the whole suite for a complete digitalization journey. Install each on standalone basis to automate a specific business function. Have it your way!

Enjoy the Azure World

Install ServeBig Suite on Azure to leverage the scalability, resilience and cost-efficiency of cloud.

Use On-Premises

Conform to your technology policies and digital mandates. Have ServeBig Suite with its products installed in your datacenter.

Power Platform Acceleration

Make the transformation quick capitalizing on the capacitlites of Power Apps Portal, Power Automate, PowerBI and more.

Start with ServeBig Suite Today!

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