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Craft Intelligent Business Appointments

Transform into a smart organization that digitalizes end-to-end appointment booking processes, provides intelligent resources management and creates a relaxed, secure workplace.

Smart Physical and Virtual Appointments

Reduce time slots
Reduce No-Shows

Send reminders of upcoming appointments. Enable rescheduling and cancellations online for better scheduling outcome. Update the appointments calendar with only available time slots and update allocated resources accordingly.

Provide Multichannel Booking

Enable online appointment booking from the portal, mobile app, or call center at anytime and from anywhere. Agents can book appointments on customers behalf.

Understand Customers

View customers profiles that include their full information and appointments history. Use analytical insights to serve them better.

Manage Resources

Centrally track resources such as people, equipment, meeting rooms, and others. Configure all services and working hours across business branches. Use a master calendar to organize everything and lower operating costs.

Craft Smart Queues

Improve customer experience by enabling customers to identify themselves and check-in on time using the QR codes. No long queues anymore.

Track Performance

Use insightful dashboards to monitor all activities at a glance per day or per week. Track traffic per service, team utilization, schedules and shifts. Take corrective actions as needed.

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